Legacy of Kain: Defiance (2003)
Action - Role-playing - RPG
Publisher Eidos Interactive
Developer Crystal Dynamics
Series Legacy of Kain

When the arrogant nobleman Kain took the chance to come back to life to take revenge against the coward brigands that murdered him, little did he suspect the monumental implicances his decision would have. He came back indeed, but carrying the curse of vampirism: sunlight was painful, water burned like acid, and he was constantly urged to feed on the blood of living creatures.
The search for a cure got him involved in a quest full of deceptions and betrayals, during which he discovered and claimed the Soul Reaver, a legendary and powerful soul-devouring sword. In the end of his ill-fated quest, he was left to choose whether to sacrifice himself and save the decaying land of Nosgoth, or to live eternally with his curse. Revolted by the machinations of the human sorcerers and alienated from his former humanity, Kain chose the latter path, and started building his empire, with the help of a newly formed vampire army.

Raziel, firstborn of Kain's lieutenants would have a relevant part to play in the story.
After serving his master for one thousand years, he fell from grace, and thus he was cast in the abyss of the lake of the dead.
When his body was almost comsummed, his suffering was suddenly stopped by the intervention of an Elder God, who gave him the chance to take revenge against his former master.
Raziel came back to the land of the living as a soul-devouring ghoul, revenge was the only thing in his mind.
In his first encounter with Kain, he received a strike of the Soul Reaver. Surprisingly, instead of dying, Raziel absorved the very spirit of the sword and fused it into his arm as a symbiotic weapon.
Several times he faced Kain again, in a quest through time and space, but with each new confrontation, new shocking truths would be revealed, proving the story to be much more complicated than it seemed.

Raziel and Kain ended up in a truce, both under the threat of Moebius, the Time Guardian, and a strong and unkown force, bent on the destruction of the land of Nosgoth.

In >LEGACY OF KAIN: SOUL REAVER 2, Kain was left alone inside the fortress of the vampire-hunting order of warrior priests known as the Sarafan, wielding the physical form of the Soul Reaver, whereas Raziel was almost destroyed, transported to the land of the spirits —the spectral realm— to face the trial of the Elder God, his former benefactor and now possibly his most dangerous enemy.

Kain seeks to escape the Sarafan fortress, but not before meeting Moebius and finding out where —or when— is Raziel.
Raziel needs to find a way out of the spectral realm, while avoiding the wrath of the Elder God.
In the meantime, both characters have plenty of more revelations to uncover.

Where the story will go once they meet, is anyone's guess...

The fifth installment in the legendary Legacy of Kain series remain faithful to the spirit of the last games, with a mix of third-person action, puzzles, and a storyline full of twists —but it also brings in a truckload of novelties: a totally renewed and highly intuitive combat interface loaded with combo-attacks, telekinetic powers, and the combination of both; a new cinematic camera that enhances the third-person action to new levels; revamped character models, animations and textures; shocking DirectX9-class special effects; and the possibility to play with two different characters: Raziel and Kain.

The story unfolds through chapters, focusing alternately on Kain and Raziel as they pursue their separate —even though ultimately intertwined— quests.
While both characters move through the same physical worlds —though often on different times and planes— and share abilities and powers in common; each one has a unique way to deal with puzzles, hazards, and enemies.
Product Details
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 1
Language English
Review Rating 70
Completed No