A Love of Art (2001)
Publisher Topics Entertainment
Developer CounterTop Software

A Love of Art Includes 3 CD's . .

1. Encyclopedia of Western Art Vol. 1
2. Encyclopedia of Western Art Vol. 2
3. The Claude Monet Collection

A Love of Art Express Edition presents three in-depth CD-ROMs that will spark, or rekindle, your love for art. Two of the CD-ROMs, Encyclopedia of Western Art Volumes 1 and 2, explore nearly a thousand years of art history, from Romanesque and Renaissance styles, to Realism and Modernism. Every art buff will appreciate the breadth of art styles covered, as well as the various modes of artistic expression presented - from architecture, to paintings and sculptures!

As a bonus, a screen saver is included from the exceptional works of Claude Monet, the painter credited with finding the first modernist movement - Impressionism. A Love of Art Express Edition is a perfect supplement for students, art patrons, and everyone who appreciates the rich, artistic history of Europe.

Encyclopedia of Western Art - Volume 1 . .
Journey through a thousand years of artistic creation. Discover the various European classical art styles of the years 1000 to 1900: Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassicism, Romanticism, Realism, and Modernism. Learn about the artists, view their masterpieces, and understand the importance of each stylistic trend. Whether it’s architecture, sculptures, or paintings, you’ll enjoy works of art that are tangible traces of our culture and icons of imaginative power and genius. A Love of Art . .

Encyclopedia of Western Art - Volume 2 . .
This volume is divided into six navigational paths: Styles, Chronology, Masterpieces, Artists, Glossary, and Cities of Art. In the Styles section, enjoy a commentated slide show, or a written analysis of the chosen style. Chronology tells of the most important events in the history of Western art, illustrated with hundreds of photos and paintings. Masterpieces utilizes 5 separate search options to let you display all the works of art presented in Volume 2. The Artists section presents the life and activities of each artist. Finally, in Cities of Art, you’ll examine the important monuments of Paris, Rome, Florence, Madrid, London, Munich, and Vienna. A Love of Art . .

The Claude Monet Collection . .
Inside you’ll find a screen saver and wallpaper, plus 22 breath-taking color images and more than a dozen screen saver special effects from the famous works of Claude Monet. Discover why Monet’s paintings started an artistic revolution in the late 19th century with these stunning paintings. This program is compatible with After Dark™ and images from Microsoft Scenes.

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A Love of Art by Topics Entertainment . .
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