Dungeon Siege II (2005)
Action - Role-playing - RPG
Publisher Microsoft
Developer Gas Powered Games
Series Dungeon Siege

The mercenary and his Elven brother-in-arms find themselves as part of the attacking army sieging the Dryad forces. The siege is successful, but the mercenaries were betrayed by their former employer. Your Elven friend dies while attempting to save you during the betrayal...

The hero then awakens as a prisoner in a unknown Dryad Tree City...the story begins.

Dungeon Siege 2 is a Real-Time 3rd Person Perspective Hack-and-Slash Role-Playing Game (RPG). Gameplay in Dungeon Siege 2 may be identified as the following:

# Character Customizing

Character Races
The character may choose one of the 4 available races to play: Human, Elf, Dryad or Half-Giant. Each race has their racial benefits (or disadvantages). Racial distinction does not affect the storyline.

Character Skills and Powers
Similar to the original Dungeon Siege, this game identifies 4 primary skills: Melee, Ranged (Bow, Crossbow or Thrown Weapons), Combat Magic and Nature Magic. Using specified weapons or magic spells will increase the levels of the mentioned skill, allowing the character to use more powerful weapons, armor, items or spells.

Advancing in these skills also allow the character to use additional skill bonuses and Hero Powers. The player may optionally focus on any one or more of the available skills.

Battle Group and Pets
The player may directly control up to 4-6 characters (including pets). The size of the battle group depends on the level difficulty set in the initial game start. The higher the difficulty, the more characters the player may control in the game.

Pets are now more variable to a mixture of skills similar to character skills: Melee, Ranged, Combat Magic or Nature Magic specialized pets. Pets become stronger as the character levels up but also by feeding them items. Stronger pets also eventually develop unique powers.

# Combat, Adventuring, Quests and the Journal

Characters fight in accordance to the designated weapon or magic spell of choice. There are 4 available main weapon/ magic slots to choose from in the character page. The player may switch manually between weapons or spells during adventuring or combat.

While adventuring, the party may discover several sub-quests as well as secret rooms or magical items. All information regarding quests, maps, bestiary of creatures are recorded in the upgraded game journal.
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