Pacific Storm (2006)
Publisher Frogster Interactive Pictures AG
Developer Lesta Studio
Series Pacific Storm

Pacific Storm combines elements of global strategy, tactical gaming and aircraft simulation. Playing either for the United States or Imperial Japan, you walk through a dramatic sequence of large-scale naval and air military operations. The game covers the time from 1940 to 1948. As you play, you can develop new technologies, build and deploy new weapon systems and even change history.

December 7th 1941, the U.S. Pacific Navy located at Pearl Harbor became under attack by Japanese fighter planes. The Battle of Pearl Harbor was the first of many to be fought over hostile waters. As a player you can now take a part in all the major Pacific battles of second World War. Pacific Storm incorporates RTS into a major flight simulation and lets the player to play as either the U.S. or Japan during World War II. The game focuses solely to the Pacific theater of operations, from West Coast of the U.S. to China and Australia.

Pacific Storm is like a board game, the strategic portion of the game divides the map into sectors. Many of the sectors are empty ocean, but there is much land too, where bases and ports can be built. These bases can then be upgraded with buildings. These buildings can then be upgraded further to get maximum advantage from their capabilities. Buildings appear in battles, so when you build coastal defences and enemy attacks, you will witness these defences in action.

Handle various other tasks like recruiting personnel and assigning famous officers to various commands, to forming fleets. The player can also separate a destroyer squadron or combine it with a surface task force to create even larger attack force. The game also includes a research screen where you can choose which technologies to research. This will allows the unlocking of more powerful weapons, engines, designs and more. Of course you can purchase the technology from your allies but this costs money.
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