Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Breakthrough (2003)
FPS - Shooter
Publisher Electronic Arts
Developer TKO Software, Inc.
Series Medal of Honor

As U.S. Army Sergeant John Baker, players join the battle at Kasserine Pass in North Africa, race to capture Messina in Sicily, and finally repel the German army at the historic battle of Monte Battaglia in the heart of Italy. Armed with a new arsenal of weapons, players will fight alone and with squad mates as they rush to stop the Axis powers.

Medal of Honor: Breakthrough is the second expansion for the game Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. As with Spearhead, (the first MOH:AA expansion) this expansion takes place in a different part of the war in a different time than in the original game.

In Breakthrough, you play as Sergeant John Baker, fighting through numerous locations in World War II from North Africa to Italy in eleven new levels.

Breakthrough is a first person shooter set in World War II and requires Medal of Honor: Allied Assault to play. However, you need not have played through Allied Assault to enjoy this game, as the two have little more in common than the war itself.

Breakthrough also includes nine new multiplayer maps and a new multiplayer mode called "Liberation," in which players must rescue defeated soldiers for them to remain in the battle.
Product Details
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 1
Language English
Review Rating 73
Completed No