Army Men: Sarge's War (2004)
Publisher Global Star
Series Army Men

Army Men: Sarge's War takes one of the main characters in the Army Men series and shines a spotlight on him. Sarge has an all-new mission in this shooter -- a shot at revenge against the terrorist who ruined the peace talks.

The story: in a new, grittier direction for the Army Men series, Sargeant Hawk takes on his most insidious enemy yet: Lord Malice. After years of conflict, the Green army has finally defeated the Tan menace. On the eve of the peace ceremonies, a ruthless attack wipes out all of Sarge's squad. It's now up to Sarge to even the score.

Gameplay: this is primarily a level-based, third-person shooter. Most of the weapons can also be used in a first-person view. The game includes some multiplayer games for two to four players on some platforms.
Product Details
UPC 710425214653
No. of Disks 1
Language English
Audience Rating Teen
Review Rating 35
Completed No