Seal of Evil (2006)
Publisher Strategy First
Developer Object Software Limited

Seal of Evil is a mythical take on the tumultuous fall of the Zhou imperial dynasty. 2,200 years ago, in the era of Warring States, an uncompromising ruler named Ying Zheng has vowed to either unify China or bury it in fire. When the heads of other kingdoms begin dying mysteriously, a warrior woman begins her dangerous adventure into the Central Plains to find out the truth and make her father live again. Play as the warrior princess Lan Wei, along with her band of warriors as they search for the mythical Empyrean Stones -- their only hope for saving their village from Zheng and his advancing armies. Each hero has unique skills that apply to their chosen professions Non-linear storyline determined by the players' choices and actions

Seal of Evil is an RPG and a prequel to the Prince of Qin.

The game takes place in the Warring States period (476-206 B.C.) at the end of the Zhou dynasty. Play as Lan Wei, a young female chieftan, who is young, beautiful and a martial arts expert. After the death of her father she will set out on an adventure with her boyfriend and a Beastman to find the Empyrean Stones. The five Empyrean Stones are the remains of a stone tablet imprisoning the soul of a demon.

Seal of Evil contains ancient Chinese legends and legendary battles, in which historical figures will be encountered. Seal of Evil also contains the five element system of Metal, Wood, Water, Earth, and Fire found in Prince of Qin. The five element system is used in character's attributes, equipment, puzzles and in the creation of new items.

The combat system is real time and the player will control a small party to fight against enemies.
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Language English
Audience Rating Teen
Review Rating 80
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