Rebel's Prison Escape (2003)
Publisher Softek International

Rebels is a strategy/adventure game in which you control up to five characters in a attempt to escape from prisons scattered about the country. Each character has his/her own talents and skills. Escape from the prisons using stealth to hide from the guards or bribe your way with some and overpower others.

A country's dictator has relinquished his country all freedom. Now a band of rebels are about to stage a coup to over turn dictator Fredrich but they are found out and thrown into prisons throughout the country. You must now re-unite your rebels and oust Fredrich.

Starting off with one rebel you must escape his prison and move through six different levels helping your comrades escape. Interact with the environment like throwing objects to distract the guards. Sneak past guards because they can hear your loud footsteps if you try to run. Watch out for his "field of vision" as you can tell where he is looking. If you knock a guard out he will eventually come to and look for you. If you kill a guard you must hide his body to keep from raising the alarm.

Every rebel has his/her own skills like feign death to surprise the guard and overcome him. Pick locks and set traps for unsuspecting guards. Conceal yourself in shadows to hide. Disguise yourself to fool the guards and even imitate sounds to throw them off your trail. And even cast Voodoo magic to hypnotize unwary opponents.

Rebels Prison Escape puts you in charge of breaking a rebel leader out of jail, so he can overthrow a dictator!
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Language English
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