Terror Strike: Close-Quarters Combat (2007)
Publisher Encore
Developer Kuju Entertainment Ltd.

"The Regiment" -- European title

First Person Shooter offers fast paced 2D and 3D action as you kill terrorists bent on destruction / ESRB M Mature (Blood, Violence)

The Regiment is a first person shooter in which you control a team of SAS, the principal special forces unit of the British Army. As a tactical shooter, the AI team members can be controlled using a radial menu, with commands such as flashbangs, opening doors, handcuffing hostages or providing cover. The missions need to be completed under time pressure to earn grades and to continue the campaign, making it a fast-paced version of the Rainbow Six games. There are 2 game modes, arcade and simulation, that influence the amount of information shown on the screen and the reaction time of the terrorists.

The goal of each mission is to rescue hostages and eliminate terrorists as quickly as possible. There are 4 main scenarios, set at locations such as the Parliament, a remote farm, an underground complex and the Iranian embassy. Each of them must be completed 3 times, every time with another team on a different part of the map.

Multiplayer includes cooperative missions, and Sabre Team, where a small squad of well-equipped SAS members takes on a larger team of terrorists. Technical advice was provided by former S.A.S. veteran John McAleese (video briefings) and former S.A.S. staff instructor Rhett Butler.
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UPC 705381140603
Format DVD-ROM
No. of Disks 1
Language English
Audience Rating Mature
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