Escape From Monkey Island (2002)
Publisher LucasArts
Developer LucasArts
Series Monkey Island

The Monkey Island tales jumped onto our screens a long time ago and charmed us with intriguing storylines and chirpy dialogue. Now after a wait that seems like an eternity, Guybrush Threepwood and his trusty band of friends are back in the fourth instalment, Escape from Monkey Island. Carrying on where Curse of Monkey Island left off, Escape from Monkey Island starts with Guybrush and his now-wife Elaine Marley-Threepwood, The Governor of the Tri-islands, returning back to the peaceful island of Mêlée, only to find that not all is what it seems, and while they have been battling the high seas, the evil villain Charles L Charles has plotted to take over the islands. All sounds hectic stuff, and you would be right in thinking so, but Escape from Monkey Island is not about being hectic, so sit back, take a sip of that tea you've got next to the computer and let's take it easy. For those not aware of the series, Monkey Island is your average point-and-click game: search around, ask some questions, pick up some stuff, ask some more questions and so on and so on, but where Escape from Monkey Island differs is in the execution. With its superb 3-D graphics--the others didn't feature in 3-D--that lusciously depict the Tri-island area, the graphics are the first thing that will catch you eye. Couple this with a witty, clever and at times wonderful script and you've got a game that will have you chuckling out loud as Guybrush spins puns, jokes and insults aplenty. If you are a fan of the point-and-click genre, or the Monkey Island series for that matter, then this is definitely going to be your cup of tea with intriguing challenges and humour you have come to appreciate from a game like this. If, however, like a lot of people, you are wary of point-and-click games, this is the perfect starting point, with the game slowly easing you into the wonderful world that is Monkey Island. --Stuart Miles . . Windows ME / 98 / 95 PC: 200MHz , 32MB RAM, 4MB graphics card

Guybrush Threepwood has finally defeated the zombie pirate LeChuck, and married his sweetheart Elaine Marley. The happy couple is returning home from an exciting honeymoon. But as they arrive on Melee Island, they notice some very strange changes. A mysterious stranger who calls himself Charles L. Charles is organizing a campaign to become the next governor. The Australian businessman Ozzie Mandrill is turning the Caribbean into an attraction for tourists. And on top of that, Elaine's mansion is being demolished! Naturally, it's up to our hero to revert the things back to normal, even if that means traveling to exotic islands and solving puzzles on the way.

Escape From Monkey Island is a direct sequel to The Curse of Monkey island, and is the fourth game in the Monkey Island series. The gameplay relies mainly on inventory-based puzzles and branching dialogues, just like in the previous installments. The interface is similar to that of Grim Fandango: mouse is not used, and the interaction is done via context-sensitive commands that appear on the screen whenever you navigate Guybrush close to an object. The game utilizes pre-rendered backgrounds and 3D character models.
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