Neverwinter Nights 2 (2006)
Publisher Atari
Developer Obsidian Entertainment
Series Neverwinter Nights

Bards sing tales of heroes from ages past, but never have the Forgotten Realms so desperately needed a champion. Years have passed since the war between Luskan and Neverwinter, almost enough time for the wounds of war to heal. But the brief peace the Realms have known may be at an end. Tension growing between the mighty city-states means the Sword Coast again teeters on the edge of open war. Unnoticed, a greater danger stalks the City of Skilled Hands. Unbeknownst to the denizens of the North, deep in the Mere of Dead Men, dark forces from across the Realms have been rallied under the banner of a legendary evil. If left unchallenged, all of the North is doomed to fall under its power. Even in this darkest hour, hope remains. A mysterious relic is borne to Neverwinter in the hands of a lone hero so that its secrets may be unlocked - secrets that carry the fate of all the North. So begins an epic tale of shattered alliances, noble acts and dark deeds to be told across the Realms for generations to come.

This is a sequel to Bioware's game Neverwinter Nights, brought to you by Obsidian, the makers of Knights of the Old Republic II. The game uses AD&D 3.5 edition rules. As its predecessor, it comes with a multi-player feature and a tool-set that allows you to create your own campaign.

The game is set in Forgotten Realms, in the area around City of Neverwinter. The player has again the opportunity to play as a number of different races, but this time you can play as sub-races too - want to play a sexy drow, or does a naive wood elf suit more to your fancy, or perhaps a duergar will satisfy your lust, or even a tiefling if you bend that way.

The young hero of the game lives in the tiny village West Harbor with his (or her) foster father Daeghun. One day the village is attacked. Your friends are killed, and you barely survive. This is your first confrontation with a mysterious evil that threatens to take over Forgotten Realms. You must now travel to the big cities and to search for clues...

Unlike its predecessor (and similarly to classic Infinity Engine RPGs), party members will join you, and you'll be able to control their actions in battles. As you manipulate, influence, seduce and fight your way through the game, you will see terrible consequences to your actions - made a party member fall in love with you? Watch as he foolishly sacrifices himself for you. Angered some important noble? Watch as she is going to screw you badly over the course of the campaign.

The biggest novelty after all the shiny graphic effects, influence system and the diplomatic twist, is the new stronghold system - hire people from around the world to work in your castle, you`ll get your own tavern with dancing girls, to boot. The only bad thing about the whole affair is that sometimes your enemies want to play Helm's Deep with you and your stronghold.
Product Details
UPC 742725265035
Format DVD-ROM
No. of Disks 1
Multiplayer Support Internet, LAN
Devices Mouse
Language English
Audience Rating Teen
Completed No