Conqueror 1086 A.D. (1995)
Other - Strategy
Publisher Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Developer Software Sorcery

Strategy/managerial game set in the medieval England, much like Defender of the Crown. You start out as a young knight in control of a small fiefdom and perform the usual managerial decisions to develop your economy, raise an army and expand your territory. RPG and arcade gameplay are also thrown into the mix as you have to develop your character as a knight, going to melee and joust tournaments (actually arcade sequences) to gain experience. They also have other uses such as affecting your popularity and offering you the chance to expand your fiefdom by allowing you to courtship noble ladies.

The game is mostly played from an isometric view, except for some specific screens, and uses svga graphics. When does the game end? you actually have two choices: when you grow tired of obeying William the Conqueror's orders and march to London to rip his crown off, or when you go the hero route, and hunt down the enormeous dragon that has been scorching the lands for years.
Product Details
UPC 020626836876
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 1
Language English
Audience Rating Early Childhood
Review Rating 58
Quantity 2
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