Delaware St John: The Seacliff Tragedy (2007)
Publisher Valusoft
Developer Big Time Games, Inc.
Series Delaware St. John

Delaware St. John - The Seacliff Tragedy takes you to the site a terrible tragedy, and a strange mystery. A hundred voices guide Delaware St. John to a decrepit amusement park, years after an accident that killed over 100 people. As Delaware explores the area, he discovers the tragic accident is only the beginning of the dark events taking place. Gaurding the park are demons known as Shadow People. Delaware and Kelly must fend off these soul-sucking monsters if they are to survive the night. Use Kelly's special equipment like thermal goggles and EMF counter to track paranormal activity invisible to the naked eye. Explore, fight and piece together the clues -- all to discover the secrets behind The Seacliff Tragedy.

The Seacliff Tragedy is the third game in the Delaware St. John series. It covers a separate case for paranormal investigator Delaware St. John, but also continues the general storyline of the previous games. John has a vision of an amusement park accident where more than a hundred guests were killed. The park, Seacliff Amusement, has been locked down since. John decides to investigate, but contrary to the previous games, his friend Kelly Bradford can be controlled as well. They both take turns to explore a certain area of the park. The story has been split up into two main parts: Everyone Loves a Clown and The Protector.

Set entirely in the abandoned park, John and Kelly meet different characters, of which quite a few are ghosts, and they try to find out the cause of the tragic accident. Meanwhile, they continue the search for proof that John is The Protector, who, according to the legend, has to take on The Destroyer and his hunters. The game is shown from a first-person perspective, with pre-rendered 3D cut-scenes in a third-person view. There are no dialogue trees during conversations and although there are a few items and inventory-based puzzles, most of the game is spent exploring the park. During their search, John and Kelly are in contact with Simon through VIC, the Voice/Imagery Communicator. Shown in the bottom right part of the interface, it can be used to ask for clues, or to send photos or recordings of paranormal activity for analysis. A few of the puzzles are based on mazes, and number combinations with cryptic hints.

There are a few sequences where the characters can die, but those parts are then restarted right away. The game consists of pre-rendered still images and is entirely mouse-controlled. In most locations, the player can click forward, back, left, or right to turn or move to a new part, and the cursor automatically changes to the appropriate icon to examine, pick up or use an item. The player's performance is graded based on the amount of times a character lost consciousness. This happens when, at certain locations, Shadow People appear. These need to be clicked quickly with the flashlight to scare them away, but being too late does not effect the story or gameplay.
Product Details
UPC 897021001075
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 1
Language English
Audience Rating Everyone
Review Rating 57
Completed No