Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None (2005)
Action - Adventure - Puzzle
Publisher The Adventure Company
Developer AWE Productions, Inc.

Agatha Christie's acclaimed mystery novel has become a movie, a play, and has even spawned many copycats. You are part of a delicious, diabolical situation involving murder, with cunning secrets and twisting scenarios cavorting ominously in this clever whodunit. Could it be you....that winds up dead? 10 people, strangers to each other, are invited to a lush estate on an island. Through a recording, their mysterious host accuses each of his ?guests' of murder and proceeds to exact ?justice.' The tension mounts as, one-by-one, the number of people are reduced through the ingenious plotting of the unseen killer. Prepare to play the video game based on the best selling murder mystery of all time!

This is the video game adaptation of one of the world's most renowned mystery stories, written by the illustrious author Agatha Christie and originally published in 1939 under the name 'Ten Little Niggers' and again in 1940 as 'And Then There Were None'.

The story from the book: eight strangers receive an invitation to a gala party and go by boat to an elaborately decorated mansion on an isolated island. Shortly after their arrival, a storm develops leaving them, along with 2 servants, stranded on the island for several days until the weather permits the return of the boat. Soon, all 10 learn why they were brought here... to die as punishment for committing murders themselves! When the storm subsides and the boat returns, the boat's captain finds the murdered bodies of the 10 people in different locations on the island.

The game changes the original story to include the boat's captain, whom the player portrays, trapped on the island with the 10. The plot includes additional sub-plots, conversations and situations so that players are directly involved with the fate of the guests and themselves.

Interact with the others, explore the mansion and the island, and solve adventure-type puzzles. There are multiple endings depending on how many of the guests you succeed in saving as well as how quickly. Can you save any of the guests in time and live to tell the tale?
Product Details
UPC 625904465504
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 2
Multiplayer Support Internet, LAN
Language English
Audience Rating Teen
Completed No