The Sims 2 Glamour Life Stuff (2006)
Publisher Electronic Arts
Developer EA Games
Series The Sims 2

Indulge in a glamorous life with this collection of luxurious furniture, fashionable clothing, and dazzling décor items. Redesign your Sims' home with modern bedroom living room, and dining room sets, or turn head withelegant gowns, suave formalwear, and cool casual styles. Live the good life!

Want to make your Sims live in the lap of luxury or want to make your other Sims feel jealous? You can add some glamour to your Sims' lives with this add-on.

In this add-on you get modern luxury furniture, extravagant décor items for the bedroom, living room, and dining room. You can show-up the other Sims when you go out all dressed-up in the must-have fashions of the year, glitzy evening gowns, fur coats, and other formalwear. In all there are 60 items to spice up the life of your Sims.

This is the third "stuff" add-on in The Sims 2 series, adding new objects, clothing and decorations, rather than scenarios.
Product Details
UPC 014633152081
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 1
Language English
Audience Rating Teen
Review Rating 84
Completed No