Cubivore (2002)
Publisher Atlus
Developer Saru Brunei Marigul Management, Inc.

Cubivore is a "Call of the Wild" brought to an interactive media. Gento Matsumotos serene and surreal portrait of wilderness lost then civilization reverting (or progressing) to wilderness. The music though not long is of high quality and presents eerie and beautiful pieces. Of course the most obvious thing about Cubivore would be the graphics. 99% of all scenery and creatures in the game are made of cubes, rectangles, or squares. Even water ripples away from a falling step in squares. Blood pools in squares upon the ground and even the moon and sun appear as cubes in the sky.

As you move through the game you will eat prey (Or sometimes outfight a predator) To gain new forms and power. The more forms you gain the more wilderness goes back to the land (This wilderness has recently been stolen by a rather nasty Killer cubivore). Naturally it is your goal to dethrone this killer of the wild and set your self up as king of the beast, thus filling the land once again with wilderness.
Product Details
UPC 730865610013
Format GC Disc
No. of Disks 1
Language English
Audience Rating Everyone
Review Rating 77
Completed No