The Italian Job (2002)
Publisher Global Star
Developer Pixelogic

Based on the cult 1969 caper flick of the same name, The Italian Job follows the fortunes of an ambitious gang of thieves led by Michael Caine's near-legendary Charlie Croker. These loveable rogues are on a mission to snatch millions of pounds worth of gold bullion, using little more than some explosives, Benny Hill, and three patriotically coloured Minis.

The various stages of Driver-inspired racing action loosely follow the plot of the film as Croker brings together his dream team of dodgy geezers and sets the stage for the most audacious crime of the century. Swinging London Town is the setting for The Italian Job's first chapter, and here you'll get used to driving some of the game's different vehicles.

These include swish 60s sports cars, limos, vans and, of course, those famous Minis. Most missions involve getting to a certain location before the time runs out, with the added complication of having to ditch any coppers that have given chase. As the story progresses you'll visit Turin and ultimately the Alps as Croker's gang attempt to make their getaway via a bullion-stuffed coach.

The Italian Job captures the spirit of the film well, with a voiceover from none other than celebrity Michael Caine-impersonator Phil Cornwell. The graphics, look great on the PC and have greatly improved from the PSone version and the jolly soundtrack complements the action rather nicely.

However, while dedicated fans of the film will love the obvious care and attention that has gone into this adaptation, other gamers may be a little disappointed by the shallow gameplay and lack of levels. While the sub-games that involve racing to checkpoints or running over traffic cones provide some extra value for money, ultimately there's little here that hasn't already been featured in other driving games.--Tim Cant

Based on the 1969 British film The Italian Job starring Michael Caine, this third-person mission-based racing game offers 16 missions, 50 levels, five game modes, two "free ride" levels, and an eight-player party mode. With a simple four-key control scheme, you'll race as Charlie Croker across London, Turin, and the Alps in the main event, unlocking missions as you go, with an eye on the prize of a four million dollar gold bullion heist at journey's end. Fifteen vehicles are available in the The Italian Job, including three classic Mini-Cooper S cars, 4x4s, and a motor coach.

Gameplay involves finding shortcuts and eluding police and Mafia heavies through sewers, around city streets, and across rooftops, thwarting capture by keeping your license plate number hidden from your pursuers as you follow onscreen arrow prompts.

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