Beyond Normandy Assignment: Berlin (2003)
Publisher Valusoft
Developer Sproing Interactive Media GmbH

The final push has begun... Take your place alongside the Allied forces to push through the heavily defended city of Berlin. Heroically parachute into intense battles, snipe enemy fighters and drive into hordes of Nazi soldiers to defeat the German onslaught. This is your call to duty.

This is a World War II shooter that takes place during the historic final onslaught of the Allied forces as they charge their way past the last defenses of Berlin, Germany. Through 10 missions, you will be fighting on foot against Nazi troops in close-up gun battles or sniping at enemies further away. You can also take command of a gun turret of a vehicle plowing through enemy lines. You will experience what it is to fight in an urban setting and try to destroy enemy Tiger tanks. There are 14 historically accurate weapons in your arsenal. Alongside you in some missions there will Russian soldiers, as Berlin is attacked from two fronts, and American troops as in the final mission to bring down an SS leader.
Product Details
UPC 755142710705
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 1
Language English
Audience Rating Teen
Completed No