Perimeter: Emperor's Testament (2006)
Real Time Strategy
Publisher Atari
Developer Paradox Entertainment AB

In Perimeter: Emperor's Testament, you are drawn into the battle for the truth. In this real-time strategy adventure, you'll be caught in between two warring factions, the Emperor and the Spirits. Action-packed sci-fi adventure is waiting for you, as you fight to learn the truth about a legendary planet called Earth.

The war between the Empire and the Harkbacks has been devastating the known universe for years. But suddenly there is a new mysterious alien race. With Earth itself now a mere myth the Emperor's creation "Mechanical Messiah" will open up new worlds and new chapters in the history of the universe. The balance of the war, now, is in anyone's hands...

In Perimeter: Emperor's Testament, the stand-alone expansion to Perimeter, you will jump into battle against the Harkbacks. This 3rd person strategy game avoids many conventions of the RTS genre by focusing more on building and resourcing and less on actual fighting. You will be rewarded for interfering with your opponent's resource gathering and will have to keep your eyes open for the same happening to you. The game, like it's predecessor, also includes; "morphing" units, deformable terrain, and shield building. There are 25 missions in this expansion which is narrated via a complex storyline.
Product Details
UPC 742725274341
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 1
Language English
Audience Rating Early Childhood
Review Rating 68
Completed No