Nox (2000)
Role-playing - RPG
Publisher Electronic Arts

Though cast in the action/RPG gameplay style of Diablo, Nox breaks its mould and offers up more than a few pleasant surprises. The third-person isometric perspective offers a refreshing dose of humour, served up by a slick interface and starring very distinct character classes. Much more than a clone, Nox takes the best the genre had and--for the most part--makes it better.

Nox's story of a harmless auto mechanic who gets accidentally sucked into a fantasy world immediately sets this game apart from its dark and dour brethren. Nox is funny, and it's refreshing to play an RPG that tries to put a smile on your face.

Gameplay, dungeons, puzzles, and even the story are slightly altered, depending on Jack's class, giving three separate single-player experiences, all leading to the same final showdown with Hecubah. The quests are typical RPG fare--find this, kill that, rescue these guys--spiced up with puzzles relating to the class's abilities or environment.

The Nox team's energies went toward creating a game that's fast, fun and easy to play. It worked. No knock-off, it won't be long before we start seeing games influenced by the innovative designs of Nox. --Mike Fehlauer

You are the 20th century savior of Nox - summoned to the land in a cosmic accident. Being from Earth, you are the only living being on Nox that may touch a magic Orb in the possession of the wicked-evil queen of the undead - Hecubah. You must find this Orb and harness its power in order to construct the staff of oblivion and defeat Hecubah.

This game is similar to Diablo, having isometric perspective and intense action combat. The RPG element is even less noticeable here than in "Diablo", since you gain experience and upgrades automatically after completing the linear main quests, regardless of the amount of enemies you have killed. You can play as a fighter, a mage, or a conjurer; there is a variety of weapons and spells at your service.
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Format CD-Rom
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