Netstorm: Islands at War (1997)
Real Time Strategy
Publisher Activision
Developer Titanic Entertainment

Know that in a time before memory the floating Islands of Nimbus were one: one sphere of land, one tribe of people, and that our hearts were free of hatred, as they can never be again. The Furies whose brotherhood was balanced and strong collapsed into ferocious jealousies and rage. Thunder who is powerful and proud craved the agility and speed of his brother Wind who longed in turn for the rejuvenating powers of Rain. And the envy spiralled. And the Storm under the land rumbled and grew. It was this battle, which rages still, that tattered our land, tore it into bits, and hurled the pieces into the sky: Nimbus as we know it now.

Netstorm: Islands at War is situated in the world of Nimbus, the sky world with floating islands, always at war. In Pyrosphere, the central sphere of Nimbus, you'll square off against your opponents. Your goal is to capture High Priests from your opponent and sacrifice them to the furies. Your own priest is the most valuable unit in the battlefield, it is your ultimate vessel of Knowledge and power from the Furies. You will begin with the priest and your home island, in front of you, a whole map of floating islands awaits for you to conquer. In order to reach them, you will need to build a Temple assigned to one of the Fury, so you can start producing the energy, collect storm power from nearby geysers, build bridges to connect to the other islands, and finally, to produce your war machine in your workshops.

There are many different units you can use during the battle, each comes with different attacking range, hp and abilities. They have only one thing the same: they cannot be controlled once they are built, they can be only salvaged. They will attack automatically, so it's up to the player to build them and use the strategy of placement, which is the most important aspect of the game.

You can choose to play the campaigns, where you can start learning how to play in very detailed tutorials, or you can skip and practise in priest training missions or play the main campaign. If you think that you are now skilled enough to take challenge from other players, you can move to the multiplayer, the most played part of the game.

In multiplayer, you will start in the sphere of Sereni, a peaceful sphere where you can chat with other players, set battles in rings or just fly your island across the sphere zones. When you're ready, join a battle ring and start playing other players. Each multiplayer map is generated randomly, so you will never play the same map again. In each battle, there can be up to 8 players fighting at once. The goal in multiplayer is to secure the map with outposts which can capture the islands to you, attack your enemies and finally find and sacrifice their priests for more powerful units.
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