American McGee Presents Bad Day L.A. (2006)
Action - Shooter
Publisher Aspyr Media
Developer The Mauretania Import Export Company (TMIEC), Inc.

American McGee Presents: Bad Day L.A. is a great parody of disaster movies and the L.A. lifestyle. Anthony Williams left behind the privileged life of a Hollywood agent, choosing a life of homelessness, destitution and isolation. All he wants is to be left alone - and so far he's had his wish, until today. A series of natural and not-so-natural disasters disrupts his solitary life, and forces him to play the reluctant hero. Anthony must rescue Angelinos from the city that has turned its back on him and his way of life. He'll have to use all his street smarts to stay alive and escape what has become a very Bad Day in LA. Get assistance from a rag-tag collection of supporting characters, each with their own unique skills, styles and personalities Features 100 original and licensed songs and a funky and unique art style inspired by famed Los Angeles art team Kozyndan

You play as Anthony Williams, a homeless person in Los Angeles who doesn't give a shit. One day, as he is again blocking the highway with his shopping cart, a plane full of biowaste crashes into the bridge nearby and one Bad Day in L.A. begins. Soon people begin to mutate into zombies because of the dangerous waste, meteorites come down from the sky, a tsunami makes his way to L.A. and many other bad things happen. The game is a humorous take on the USA's post-9/11 culture of fear.

Your only goal is to survive. You can do that by either shoot your way through everything and anyone, or help the people around you. You need to protect them from bad boys like terrorists, street gangs or zombies with the help of eight weapons from a tireiron to a rocket launcher. But you can also heal the zombies with your fire extinguisher or use it to help burning people. For every action you do, you either get a smiley or a frowney, and depending on how many of these you have collected, the NPCs will have different behaviour. If you behave like a psycho and collect frowneys, everyone will hunt you down and will not help you find your way through the mess.
Product Details
UPC 618870114118
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 1
Language English
Audience Rating Mature
Review Rating 45
Completed No