Terra Nova (1996)
Action - Strategy
Publisher Looking Glass Studios, Inc.
Developer Looking Glass Studios, Inc.

Strike Force Centauri, the premier Strike Team on Alpha Centauri, was founded to combat pirates. As Mikola ap Io, you'll be leading them into combat... But the pirates are too well armed... And the Terra Hegemony may be involved. When the covert action turns overt and a full-out assault is mounted by the Hegemony upon Alpha Centauri... All that stands in the way is SFC...

TN:SFC is a first-person sci-fi combat sim featuring realistic sci-fi weapons with true 3-D terrain. You control a power-suit with arm-mounted weapons: just aim (with mouse) and shoot, while move completely independently (using keyboard).

You can choose from multiple types of suits (scout, regular, heavy), multiple types of weapons (everything from simple lasers to railguns to missile launchers), multiple assistance modules (from mine layer to auto-doc), and up to three squadmates that'll follow your orders. You are pitted against enemies from pirates to tanks and mechs, even psycho clones and armed drones. Missions vary from attack and recon to rescue and defend, across three different planets in a variety of weather and terrain.

TN:SFC also features FMV that rivals Wing Commander 3 in production quality.The plot is the standard "fight simple threats that turns out to be really nasty while ferreting out the mole", but there are enough twists in the plot to be entertaining.
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