Wing Commander Academy (1995)
Action - Simulation - Simulator
Publisher Electronic Arts
Developer Origin Systems
Series Wing Commander

Wing Commander Academy puts players into the role of a fresh young recruit at the Confederation Academy, where new pilots must test their skills in the simulator. Unlike other Wing Commander games, Wing Commander Academy features no storyline or campaign. Instead players may play through simple dogfight missions or build "waypoints" on an interface similar to the radar view. Using this mission builder, the player may place objects that include friendly fighters, enemy fighters, enemy capital ships, space stations and ejected pilots.

Wing Commander Academy's controls and graphics are almost directly copied from Wing Commander II. Similar to that game, the player engages in a first person space battle against Kilrathi forces in 360 space. Players are able to choose different ships, weapon types and wingmen.

Wing Commander: Academy is the training facility for Confederation space aviators. Recruits go through a series of rigorous simulation exercises designed to replicate the look and feel of space combat piloting. Only those who prove their skills repeatedly with the simulator will advance to actual flight training and eventually enter service. Wing Commander: Academy offers you the experience of academy training, using limited ships and weaponry from the acclaimed Wing Commander games.

The level editor is what distinguishes Academy from previous titles in the series. It allows you to design missions around a series of waypoints before placing Confederation or hostile alien Kilrathi space fighters on the map. After loading the created mission in the game engine, you then fly through it from a choice of two viewpoints: a first-person perspective within the cockpit or a third-person view behind the ship. For those not interested in mission creation, a second play option involves advancing through 15 levels of increasingly challenging dogfights.

* Join the TCSN Academy and design your own missions
* When designing a missions users may place a variety of objects, such as mine fields, data pods, and starships
* Mission goals include rescuing allies or searching for and retrieving important items

Product Details
Edition CD-ROM Edition
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 1
Language English
Audience Rating Everyone
Review Rating 50
Quantity 2
Completed No