Time Machine (2003)
Publisher Dreamcatcher Interactive

Inspired by the classic story of H.G. Wells, take the role of an intrepid time adventurer trapped in a mysterious future. The only way home may be the demi-god Khronos, Master of the Hourglass...

In a similar manner to Myst, players move around a 3-dimensional world in first person. Collect objects and explore various locations to solve various puzzles. Speak with other characters and grapple with action elements during the game's 40+ hours of playing time.

Prepare yourself for a fantastic journey!Product InformationTheconcept of time has always fascinated man.  Time has been a dimensioninaccessible and unobtainable by man until today.  After many years ofwork the final adjustments are made to a strange machine...a machine that willallow you to explore the very depths of time bringing you to worlds and placesunimaginable until now.  Traveling forward in time you land in a strangeand mysterious city.  Crackling with uncontrollable energy the TimeMachine disappears in an explosion of light.  You are unharmed but realizethe dreadful consequence of the accident: your ability to go back to where youcame from is made impossible without your Machine.  You have paid theultimate price for your curiosity.  Now you are a prisoner of time: yourpast possibly lost forever in an uncertain future where your fate is unknown.Product Features Keyboard controls allow for precise movement of the hero. Real time 3D animation in stunning pre-rendered sets using the new Warp technology. Artificial Intelligence gives each character unique quality governing the characters' behavior and introduces a sense of life and random direction of the game. The hero of the game changes ages as he travels through the time storms influencing the scenarios interactions with other characters and the gameplay. An intriguing story that will capture the imagination Engaging original music Hours and hours of challenging game playWindows Requirements Windows 95/98 Only (Not XP compatible) Pentium II 300MHz processor  64MB of RAM 24X CD-ROM Drive (40X recommended) SVGA 2MB Accelerated 3D Video Card (16MB recommended) Microsoft DirectX 6.1 Sound Card (included on CD-ROM) 
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