Powerboat Racing / Whiplash (2001)
Publisher Interplay

Get your adrenaline pumping with two racing titles in one collection! Product Information Get into the action with these two classic titles. Whiplash is an adrenaline pumping, gravity defying, stunt racing game sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Powerboat Racing Pure Power includes 12 awesome powerboats to choose from where you encounter unpredictable environments, battle through turbulence, and one of a kind stunts! Product Overview PowerboatRacing: Pure Power Strap in and throttle up as you whip through the most realistic and immersive powerboat racing game ever made. Find a shortcut and take the lead, or better yet, secure your victory by forcing your opponent into a river barge at 200 miles per hour. Features: Race computer opponents or compete with up to 8 internet or networked players. Tear through 8 super-intense racetracks from around the world in championship, slalom, arcade, shoot-out or time trial modes. Seek out hidden shortcuts, race day or night and adjust water conditions depending on your skill level. Can't find a worthy opponent Race your ghost or your friend's ghost for the best time in the time trials mode. Whiplash Sit down, strap in and hang on for a tire squealing, fender crunching, stunt racing duel to the death! Brace yourself-snap, crack, drop-twist and shout-and choose from eight cars. Test your skills against some of the most intelligent, and merciless, computer AI found in any arcade racing computer game. Thrill to the unmatched action of a true 3D racing world complete with an eye - popping range of virtual camera angles. And much more! Features: Choose from 8 blazing prototype racing cars (plus 5 secret cars), each dialed in with unique performance settings. Select a car with amazing cornering abilities or a vehicle with mind-numbing acceleration. Hear engines roar, tires squeal and metal crunch as digitized
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Language English
Audience Rating Everyone
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