Cameron Files - 1 and 2 Combo Pack - Secret at Loch Ness & Pharaoh's Curse (2004)
Publisher The Adventure Company
Developer Galiléa
Series The Cameron Files

Platform: WINDOWS 98/ME/2000/XP
Packaging: JEWEL CASE
This special edition double pack includes: The Cameron Files: Secret at Loch Ness and The Cameron Files 2: Pharaoh's Curse

The Cameron Files: Secret at Loch Ness
Hidden away in the Scottish countryside above Loch Ness sits serene Devil's Ridge Manor. But its tranquility is deceptive. For some time now there has been an increasing number of ghosts and supernatural phenomena at the manor. At the request of the famous physicist and owner of the manor Allister Mac Farley private investigator Alan P. Cameron leaves his Chicago office for the mists of his ancestral land. Does the fabled sea monster play a part in the goings-on?Confronted by strange phenomena the player must help Cameron with his investigation from the obscure corners of the Medieval castle to the old scientist's secret laboratory and finally to the troubled waters of Loch Ness to solve the mystery. Features: A gripping graphical mystery adventure certain to capture the imagination . A game of investigation intrigue and adventure. Environments settings and characters created in full detail. Motion capture technology provides true realism to the characters' lip movements and facial expressions. Original storyline & original score.System Requirements:Windows 95 / 98 / Me / XPPentium 166 MHz (200 recommended) 16 Mb RAM (32 recommended) 4 x CD-ROM Drive (8x recommended) 3D Accelerator Video Card

The Cameron Files 2: Pharaoh's Curse
An Ancient Evil Awakes... and the Pharaoh no longer slumbers. Investigate the disappearance of the Pharaoh. An ancient ritual revisited awakens a Pharaoh long dead and entombed. You must piece together the clues to discover the real reason why the mummy is missing. Investigate the kidnapping of one of the members of an archeological team travel the Nile on a steamboat explore the Cairo Museum of Antiquities me
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Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 1
Language English
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