Cops 2170: The Power Of Law (2005)
3rd Person - Role-playing - RPG - Strategy - Turn Based
Publisher Strategy First, Inc.
Developer ZAO MiST land South

Cops 2170: The Power of Law is an incredible hybrid of role-playing and strategy. In the future, the police guard everything and everyone. Cyberlinks are implanted into each newborn child, marking their host with a unique ID. Cities have turned into monstrous urban centers giving the term urban sprawl a hazardous new meaning. A graduate from the police academy steps into this brave new world, unaware that her first assignment will put her up against the biggest threat the city's ever faced.

COPS 2170 is a tactical strategy game of squad combat with RPG elements set in a futuristic cyberpunk world.

In the game you control Katy, a new officer fresh from the academy that aims to make a solid career in the police force. You will control her as your main character and recruit additional partners to undertake several missions, which usually involve combat across the urban sprawls of the future against several factions and gangs in the city. As the game progresses a plot starts to surface involving a deranged criminal who aims to bring the city to its knees.

You can control up to 6 characters and additional backup NPCs, each with their own stats and equipment and issue orders to them on squad-based turns. Since you are part of the police force there's no resource management and instead the equipment availability is decided by your rank, which depends on the conditions in which you complete each mission. The game uses a fully polygonal engine and features branching mission objectives and different outcomes based on your in-game actions.
Product Details
UPC 627006901980
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 2
Language English
Audience Rating Teen
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