Pirates of the Caribbean: Legend of Jack Sparrow (2006)
Role-playing - RPG
Publisher Bethesda Softworks

Pirates of the Caribbean: Legend of Jack Sparrow lets you join the famous pirate captain, as he recounts his most thrilling adventures. Did he really sack Nassau Port without firing a shot or ride away from a deserted isle on the backs of sea turtles? Now you'll find out first-hand! Co-op multiplayer action as Jack Sparrow, Will Turner & Elizabeth Swann play side-by-side Features the voice of Johnny Depp

Pirates of the Caribbean is a Role Playing Game in which you take the role of a pirate who has to grow in skill by fighting, trading and solving quests. You can buy and upgrade a ship, get crew to go with you and try to rule the seas of the Caribbean. This game is actually the sequel to Sea Dogs, but shortly before release the name Sea Dogs 2 got changed to Pirates of the Caribbean, named after the blockbuster movie by Disney.
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