Might & Magic IX (2002)
Publisher 3DO
Developer New World Computing, Inc.
Series Might and Magic

Saving your homeland from the bloodthirsty Beldonian Horde is the least of your worries in the latest turn-based RPG game of the Might and Magic series. With a new 3-D interface to spruce up gameplay, you now experience the gameplay as if you were playing a first-person shooter. However the gung-ho tactics and ability to blaze through the levels won't be possible as this game has firmly stuck to what it knows best; a good storyline and good management of spells and stats. In fact, while there are fewer enemies than in previous versions, the enemies you do encounter are now much smarter to the point where they will track you down.

In addition to the graphical interface changing, hardened Might and Magic fans will also notice an all new spell binding system that breaks the tradition of applying different spells to different schools of thought like nature and fire. Now anyone will be able to cast a spell as long as they have a strong enough skill set, while stronger, more complex spells will still be restricted until you gain Grandmaster status.

This is not a game for the faint hearted and while the graphics have been improved greatly since the last excursion, they've got nothing on the latest and greatest first-person shooters out there. That said, the storyline and turn-based gameplay is strong enough for this not to matter. --Jason Denwood

In Might and Magic IX you control a party of four characters exploring varied landscapes and deep dungeons while undertaking a monumental quest to save the peaceful lands of Cheldian from the ravaging Beldonian Horde.

For the first time in this series, this game has an all 3D environment featuring first person view point, real and turn-based combat, detailed spell system, an all-new character development system and an intuitive conversation engine.

Might & Magic

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Language English
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