Paradise (2006)
Publisher UBI Soft
Developer White Birds Productions

Paradise is an amazing point-and-click adventure where you'll encounter fantastic, unknown animals and explore an unseen world. As a young woman travels to the heart of Africa to return a leopard to Kilimanjaro, she'll dicover a new kind of jungle... and a new world of mysteries.

Paradise is a traditional adventure game set in the lush and tropical atmosphere of deepest Africa. Your character is a young woman found unconscious by African peasants after her plane crashes following a rebel attack. When she wakes, she is in Madargane, Africa, in the harem of a prince with no recollection of previous events. While she believes that her name is Ann Smith, a student attending University in Geneva, the real truth is that she can't remember. Who she is and what she is doing in Africa are a complete mystery to her. Needless to say that those two questions will be the least of her worries as the story unfolds.

Your adventure will encompass four locations in Africa each with its own atmosphere and distinct puzzles to unravel. Explore the palace of the prince, a remote jungle village, an emerald mining complex and a floating city. Eventually, Ann will be accompanied by a beautiful black leopard, whose role players will assume in certain key areas of the game.

Gameplay is point-and-click and you control Ann in 3rd person. The problems Ann must face are varied and include mechanisms of all sorts, inventory objects to collect and use, as well as conversations with various characters that may help or hinder her progress.

High quality cut scenes and introductory cinematics enhance your experience, as does the original soundtrack.
Product Details
UPC 008888683087
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 1
Language English
Audience Rating Teen
Review Rating 58
Completed No