Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising (2004)
Shooter - Simulation
Publisher Electronic Arts Deutschland GmbH
Developer NovaLogic, Inc.

Just a little while ago any multiplayer game allowing more than a couple of dozen people to play in the same game, at the same time, was something pretty special. Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising though allows for a mind-boggling one hundred and fifty people to compete at the same time in a subscription free, lag free, graphically stunning next-gen battle simulator.

The game's rather obvious inspiration is EA's Battlefield series, but whereas Battlefield Vietnam proved to be a rather disappointing cash-in, Joint Operations is all-new and a more genuine attempt to carry on the idea using the latest graphics technology. Set during a fictional modern war the game features maps that are up to fifty square kilometres in size (although there are smaller ones if you're playing with less people) and a host of vehicles to help you cover the terrain including every possible permutation of helicopters, jets, tanks and boats. Like many such games Joint Operations is classed based, which means that you can choose to play the role of a large number of specialised soldiers, including standard riflemen, engineers and medics.

Although it does almost nothing that is original by upping the scale of the battles and the graphics Joint Operations becomes an entirely legitimate successor to Battlefield (at least until Battlefield 2 is released next year anyway). As with EA's games there is no real single player mode to speak of, but as long as that's not a problem for you this is hard not to recommend. --David Jenkins

Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising is mainly a multiplayer modern warfare game. With as much as 150 players (although 64-128 players are most common), two sides clash together in an all out war with help of helicopters, boats, APCs and other vehicles which there are 29. Most of the game player will be on foot and aiding him/her is 35 different weapons from knifes to Stinger launchers. There are many classes to choose from and all of them are useful. There's medic, engineer, soldier, gunner and sniper.

The thing that separates this one from many other online shooters is that Joint Ops actually makes the players work together. One example: If you're a driver driving a jeep, you get partial credits of the kills from people who you just drove, for two minutes after you dropped them off.

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