Realms of Illusion (2005)
Publisher The Adventure Company
Developer Detalion

The legacy of the Tastan tombs has long held some of the most profound secrets of an extinct race of people. Some believe the tombs hold a fabulous treasure; others say wealth is in the knowledge and technology left behind by this advanced civilization. Watching over their sacred caverns is a holographic image with advanced A.I. who randomly appears in the form of a mysterious woman, awakened when there is disturbance in the tombs. You will discover that in the realm of illusion, the sentinel is much more than she appears to be -- her dark purpose might threaten your very existence.

A holographic sentinel guards the ruins - caverns left behind by the extinct Tastan race.

You play Beni who knows enough about the caves to be cautious. Only few who have entered have been able to find the way out. Now a greedy treasure seeker kidnaps Beni's sister and will only release her if Beni enters the most fearsome tomb of them all - the one belonging to Dormeuse, the Sleeping Woman.

Actively protecting her tomb, Dormeuse appears throughout Beni's exploration - taunting and challenging him. Sometimes her purpose is unclear. At other times she will actively protect, and, in doing so, will put roadblocks in Beni's way. Is she real .. or just an implanted artificial intelligence?

Sentinel: Descendants in Time is a first person, point and click adventure game, but uses keyboard keys for walking and a mouse for actions and 3D panning. Typical of the adventure genre, players will have many puzzles to solve, objects to find and use and different environments to explore.

Alternate Titles

* "Sentinel: Verborgene Existenzen" -- German Title
* "Sentinel: Straznik Grobowca" -- Polish Title
* "Sentinel: Potomci Casu" -- Czech Title
* "Sentinel: Descendientes en el Tiempo" -- Spanish Title
* "Sentinel: Dans l'Antre de la Dormeuse" -- French Title
* "Realms of Illusion " -- 2005 Re-Release Title

Product Details
UPC 625904479501
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 1
Language English
Audience Rating Everyone
Completed No