100 Great Educational Games Vol. 3 (2000)
Publisher Global Star Software

Featuring installation options in English, Spanish, and French, 100 Great Educational Games Vol. 3 runs the gamut of educational-related subject matter from mathematics and logical thinking to spelling and phonics. Game styles include bingo, mazes, crosswords, typing, matching, search, word, checkers, brainteasers, jigsaws, puzzles, and more. The series from Global Star Software contains a mix of shareware, demoware, and trialware games.

Specific examples of titles include Jungle Adventure, Krysten Learns to Spell, License Plate Math, Sea School, Topic Tangle, Barnyard Friends, Hungry Frog Algebra, My ABC's, Sound of the City, and The Money Pigs. 100 Great Educational Games Vol. 3 is intended for a target audience in the 3-12 age range. ~ Michael L. House, All Game Guide
Product Details
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 1
Language English
Completed No