Heretic Kingdoms: the Inquisition (2005)
Action - Role-playing - RPG
Publisher Got Game

Heretic Kingdoms: The Inquisition unleashes a terrifying force in this fantasy world. After the Theocrat fell, the Inquisition took hold and began wiping out the religious. But a shadowy cult seeks to resurrect a dead god, and you are teh Inquisitor charged with beating them. Will the temptation to seize power be too hard to resist?

The game takes place in a land where religion is illegal and the Inquisitors do their best to destroy it. Ever since the GodSlayer sword was used to destroy the God of the Land, religion became taboo. In the years following, the sword was used by the descendants of the man who slew the God of the Land to control the lands. Through sacrifices to appease the hunger for blood that the sword had, the descendants worked to rule through tyranny. Finally, these descendants were defeated and the sword held in safe-keeping by monks.

This is where your story begins. You are marked with a God Symbol (a mark some people have from birth that marks them as possibly able to become a mage) and are a female Inquisitor mage. You were sent to destroy the GodSlayer sword, but when you arrive, it has been stolen. So begins your main quest... to capture and destroy the sword.

The game is a typical isometric RPG, but with many features not seen in other games of this genre. Every equipable item has an attunement. If you use the item long enough, you will learn that attunement. Attunements can be magical abilities, or skills. In order to learn all the attunements, you will need to use all the items you find. This makes it important to actually use everything you find rather than sticking to a single weapon/armor combination.

Your character has a limited number of attunement slots that can be active at one time. As you gain levels, this number will increase somewhat. It will be up to you to decide what attunements you want to have active at any one time. For example, if you plan to use a Fire-imbued sword, you will want to use an attunement to add fire damage to your sword. Having an active attunement to add lightning damage (air magic) to your weapon will not help as the magic types are different.

One of the most important features of the game is the Dreamworld. This alternate world can only be accessed for short periods of time (unless you are using the Dreamform attunement). In this world, you will find bonuses that will help your stats, as well as dangers. Ghosts are found in this world, as are werewolves and other creatures. Most creatures and people can only be seen in either the real world or the dreamworld, and not both. This can make switching between the worlds a way to escape danger.

As you gain experience, you will want to improve your main skills (melee, range attack, magic, etc). These skills start out at an F (think school grades), and can be improved from there for every 100 improvement points. You will have the opportunity to improve 800 points worth when you create your character.

One final unique feature to mention is that healing items never disappear. However, you will lose maximum HP every time you use them. The maximum HP will remain lost until you rest at a campfire, inn, or your house (if you bought it).

Expect your actions to have consequences as the game reacts to your actions. Choose the path of good or evil and expect to have different reactions from others. Your path will determine the ending to the game, from 6 different endings.

The gameplay is similar to other games of this genre. You will need to explore the world around you, talk to NPCs, improve your stats and skills, and battle enemies in real time.
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