Fable: The Lost Chapters (2005)
3rd Person - Action - Role-playing - RPG
Publisher Microsoft Software
Developer Lionhead Studios Ltd.

Fable: The Lost Chapters is the same game as Lionhead's Fable, which was released for the Xbox only, but with enhancements to gameplay, story and graphics.

In this version, you'll find new areas to explore, more magical spells and side quests, as well as more atmospheric effects, new weapons, armor and accessories. Also the story continues, and you do not finish the game, where the original Fable did. Instead you continue the fight into new places. In the Windows version, you even have the ability to create your own tattoo design and import it into the game. Other changes for the PC include a simple mouse & keyboard interface.

Based on the best-selling award-winning Xbox title, Fable: The Lost Chapters has expanded content, greater customization, new quests and enhanced graphics. This is a unique role-playing experience, where you'll take control of a characters life from the age of 12. Will you choose a path of righteousness, or will you become selfish and evil? Each person you aid, each flower you crush, each creature you slay, will change this world forever. In Fable: The Lost Chapters, gamers decide: "Who will I be?" Grow from an inexperienced child into the most powerful being in the world, spoken of by all and immortalized in legend.
Product Details
UPC 882224042819
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 1
Language English
Audience Rating Mature
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