Night Watch (2006)
Role-playing - RPG - Strategy - Turn Based
Publisher CDV

The worlds of light and dark meet & do battle in Night Watch. This tactical RPG is set in the world of the hit Russian action-horror film. Players become recent initiates into the Night Watch - a group that protects the world from evil forces. Experience modern fantasy battle where you'll make choices that affect the game world. Face off againt, and ally yourself with, Shapeshifters, Enchanters and Mage -- they'll wield awesome powers, from the power to take on animal forms or turning ordinary object into weapons of mystical power. Team elements let you choose which character is best for which mission Destructible environments expand tactical options -- use the landscape as a defensive feature or an offensive weapon
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UPC 852898000606
No. of Disks 1
Language English
Audience Rating Teen
Completed Yes