Dungeon Siege II: Broken World Expansion Pack (PC CD) (2006)
Action - Role-playing - RPG
Publisher Take 2 Interactive
Developer Gas Powered Games
Series Dungeon Siege

Vladis is dead. Slain by your own group of adventures in Dungeon Siege II. But if you expected to be praised for that, you are totally wrong. The moment Vladis took his last breath, a darker and much more powerful evil, which had been waiting for that day for a thousand years, arises from his prison and brings once again darkness to Aranna. Since you unleashed it, you have to deal with it.

To do so, you have now - in addition to the features of the original game - access to two new character classes: the Blood Assassin and the Master of the Stonefist. While the Blood Assassin is more powerful in short-range and with nature magic, the Master of the Stonefist concentrates on long-range combat and lays down traps which draw their power from his own health. There is also a completely new playable race available: The dwarven. Besides the new monsters and items, there are also minor changes and improvements in gameplay as well as in graphics.

To play the add-on, you need a party which has already finished the main game or you choose one of the predefined groups provided.
Product Details
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Format CD-Rom
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Language English
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