Temple of Elemental Evil: A Greyhawk Adventure (Jewel Case) (2005)
Role-playing - RPG
Publisher Los Angeles

Based on the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons gameworld of "Greyhawk", the Temple of Elemental Evil resurrects one of the oldest and most beloved adventure modules of all time and puts it in a computer game.

The plot is simple: There is a great evil, embodied by a mystical temple of myth, who is rumored to have re-appeared and is re-gathering evil forces, for some nefarious purpose. Set near the gametown of Nulb, the adventurers have been gathered to investigate and save the town, and possibly the world, from this grievous evil from an age long past.

Temple of Elemental Evil challenges you to assemble a team of great warriors to uncover a powerful, sinister force! Years ago, a cult worshipping a demoness brought death and suffering to the people. Their monsters to destroy homes and families, ruining hundreds of lives and taking hundreds more -- until a small group of warriors broke them. Decades later, the monsters and murder have returned. Now you must assemble a team to finish this cult, once and for all.
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Format CD-Rom
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Language English
Audience Rating Teen
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