Shadow Of Destiny (2002)
3rd Person - Adventure
Publisher Konami

A young man named Eike Kusch strolls through the quiet patriarchal German town Lebensbaum. Suddenly, a tremendous blow darkens the sight of his eyes, and the next thing he can see is a very strange room filled with bizarre objects, and a voice talking to him from nowhere. "Who are you?" - asks Eike - "Perhaps the Satan himself? And where am I? Am I dead?".

"You are dead, indeed", - answers the mysterious voice. - "But you can prevent it. Destiny can be changed, you know". And with this, the voice disappears, leaving Eike in the strange room with a mysterious time-traveling device. Eike doesn't quite understand what's going on. He knows one thing: in order to survive, he has to change the past, to make it impossible for the murderer to kill him. And so, the battle for survival begins. The murderer will find many ways to kill Eike, and in order to prevent this, Eike will have to travel thirty years ago, to the beginning of the 20th century, and to the Middle Ages. But the connections between the past and the present are stronger than Eike thinks. With no guidance but the mysterious voice, Eike has to explore Lebensbaum in various time periods, and solve the mystery.

"Shadow of Destiny" (aka "Shadow of Memories") is a pure adventure game. There are no action elements in the game, but each chapter has a time limit, during which Eike has to find a way to prevent the murderer from killing him.
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