Emergency Room: Code Blue
Publisher Legacy Interactive
Series Emergency Room

Code Blue: Critical Condition makes you the doctor in an exciting new role-playing game. You are responsible for saving the lives of 35 patients, many of them critical. Everyone has a story to tell. Learn about their lives-- tragedy and triumph-- through vivid live-action video on an actual hospital set. Offering 3 modes of play, including an "Easy" mode which highlights each step you should perform, you don't need to be a nurse, med student, or doctor to enjoy this game! Starring Stephen Collins of the WB's "7th Heaven" and Marshall Bell of "Starship Troopers" and "Total Recall," this game also offers 60 minutes of dramatic video and over 1000 voiceovers. FEATURES: A unique "Real Life" role-playing game in which you are the doctor. A cast of over 45 seasoned actors, including Stephen Collins, Marshall Bell, Ann Dowd, Suzie Plakson, Susan Rattan, and more. Directly manipulate realistic medical tools such as the defibrillator, rib spreader, sutures, splints, forceps, IV, and more. Experience patient triage where you must help multiple patients at the same time. 3 modes of play-- Easy, Normal, and Expert-- so the level of challenge fits your knowledge of medicine.
Product Details
UPC 734113003701
Format CD-Rom
No. of Disks 1
Language English
Audience Rating Teen
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